The haiku inside you

Flowers at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Photo by Kevin Carter
Flowers at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Photo by Kevin Carter

All your Beautiful Thoughts get lost. No. Don’t apologize or fret about it. It’s not your fault. You misplace some like a set of car keys or reading glasses. They were here a minute ago. You absently dismiss others on your way to work because you haven’t a moment to spare. You meant to mention your truly beautiful thoughts to someone sometime. Considered jotting them down. Maybe if you had a pencil when you thought of something beautiful and a tiny pad that fit in your back pocket. Then again. The notion of sharing your absolutely beautiful thoughts seems a bit much, really. Your beautiful thoughts are beautiful to you. But who actually wants to hear them? You catch yourself thinking maybe they’re not beautiful to anyone else but you. So, your beautiful thoughts pass through you. Make the air shimmer around you for a moment. And finally disappear like an extinct animal from a forgotten time.

Except when they don’t.

Out of all the magical places in the world like Stonehenge or Easter Island, the most magical place I know is a tidy lunchroom in the sub level of a particular senior center in Harlem where a certain poetry group meets on Thursday afternoons. All together, there were never a braver band of poets in the land. Their beautiful thoughts don’t get lost behind the cushions of the sofa, swept under the rug during a vigorous spring cleaning or shushed to death by librarians. They’re passed around the table. Shared aloud and celebrated as they should be.

Can you haiku? Why shouldn’t you? We do.

Summer Haiku:
Summertime Sea World
Swimming in the sea like a whale
Feel the cool water
by Lexy
Summertime is great
Humid, hot and hazy days
Frustrated townsfolk
by Shane


Suffocating heat
Cool breezy nights are the best
Longer days, short nights
by Shane
Summer Public Service Announcements by Harvey
Hot weather has come
Summer is finally here
I feel hot with sweat
by Harvey
Heat is upon us
Humidity dries us
I need more water
by Harvey
Please don’t run fast
you will need more water
Please take a rest soon
by Harvey
Hot sizzling sidewalk
fries the soles of my flip-flops
Shoes sunny side up.
by Cathy
Fire hydrant open
Giant water blossom shoots
petals on children
by Cathy
Atlantic City
Hot, more soda, comedy.
I want to go back
by Erica
Frisbee mosquitoes
Dancing on the solstice sun
oh joys of summer
by Carole
Winter chilled bones stiff
Spring fought, spluttered, whined and wailed
Yet summer is here.
by Carole
Mermaid Parade calls
Ocean welcomes summer home
Green sequins glitter
By Alicia and Ken
Winter hangover
Transformed into a shadow
By the solstice sun
By Cathy and Molly
Heard birds today.
We fly South soon
winging it as always.
By Kevin
Seagulls in flight at Southport, NC. Photo By Kevin Carter
Seagulls in flight at Southport, NC. Photo By Kevin Carter



The haiku inside you

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