Question everything

indexWhat lies on the other side? Where do ducks go in winter? Are some vocalizations universal in any language- like yelling “Oww” when you cut your finger or “kachoo” when you sneeze? Is it possible to arrive before you left by traveling in a very fast plane through different time zones? Is it possible humans now inhabit some places we were not meant to live – all states north of Maryland maybe?

If you were colonizing a new planet, what system of government would you institute? Would the robots have their freedom, or would your new society be morally bankrupt from the start due to robot enslavement? How would you keep the robots from taking over? Are you a robot? Have you already taken over?

indexWhen can we have jet packs and flying cars like we were promised? Why does the retro vision of the future so clearly drawn in 1950s comics seem somehow cooler than the actual future we’re living in? When can we have robot butlers than know how to mix drinks, clean a house and cook some basic meals?

What are dogs thinking? Are they simple basic thoughts, or does your dog make moral judgements about your behavior and sit around contemplating your demise? Isn’t it more likely that cats would hatch complicated plans to get rid of you? What would a world run by cats look like if they somehow managed to take over? Would all humans have to wear bells so our cat overlords could hear us coming?


Will it ever be possible to safely graft wings on to the human body in an inexpensive surgical procedure so that we can simply fly to work? Would people expect you to fight crime just because you could fly – because that would be kind of tiresome and even dangerous? Would you need special goggles to keep bugs out of your teeth?

Do you have any answers? Any questions of your own?

Question everything

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