When humming is not enough

imagesI know the weight of your unsung songs. The crushing voices of doubt that threaten to drown them out. The dark shadows milling about around the edges. The full deep forward force inside that propels you out and about and toward the things that must be done every day. The hard cost. The terrible toll it takes as you grind against other forces that try to blunt your dreams, your own sharp vision of the world.
Sometimes you feel light as a feather, and I can see that your song is forming on your lips. Your brave noise about to break on the world. A clear sound that cracks open closed minds. It’s right there on the tip of your tongue. But you choke back and think twice.
Sing your song. We are listening hard. All ears. Let the crazy noise loose. The world is full of critics who hate. Let them. They are deaf to anything but the noise of their own despair and out of tune with the universe entirely.
It’s really OK to unlock everything and sing your songs before they build up into a hard ball in your throat and crush your soul with their unspent fury. Inside your head is an ancient librarian with a finger to a pair of pursed lips shushing your sound. But I say let it out.

When humming is not enough

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